How to put photo with music in WhatsApp status?


The form of communication is changing every day, we know that through WhatsApp it is possible to have a very fun communication with the use of personalized stickers, in the same way, it happens with Facebook and Instagram.

But unfortunately, unlike Facebook and Instagram, WhatsApp still does not allow its users to post photos with music in the status.

Therefore, several applications were created with the objective of assisting in this type of post so used by many people.


So let's stop this difficulty of posting photos with your favorite songs!

See how simple it is to post your photos with music in your status through the CapCut app.

CapCut Video Editor App

This application allows the user to edit video completely free of charge, which is quite common, for the simple fact that it is easy to use and contains excellent and complete tools for the user to edit their videos.

It has options to cut, adjust and reverse in a simple and uncomplicated way, also providing several exceptional and high quality effects such as beauty effect, filters, light and many other edits available and without having a watermark.


All these tools are useful for the user to be able to create amazing and very creative videos to post on their social networks.

See the step by step on how to put music to your photos through CapCut.

CapCut – learn how to put music in your photo

First, the user must download the CapCut application from the Play Store or App Store, once completed, open the application. Then click on “Accept” and then click on the “+” icon to start editing.

In the second step, the user must choose the option to select the file, be it photo or video.

Once chosen, click on “Add”.

Then a yellow comment box will appear, click on any part of it to make it disappear.

In the third step, it's time to add the music, click on “Add audio”.

The options to include available sounds and effects will be given by the application to extract sounds from your videos from the gallery or option “voiceover”, there you can record your voice.

In the fifth step, the user will choose the “”Sounds” option. Various categories will be presented such as Romance, Rhythm, blog and more.

Choose the one you like and click the icon to download and listen to the song. The “+” button will appear in the same place, click to add the track to the video.

Then drag the audio bar to insert the music into the clip the way you want.

In the sixth step, to match the duration of the video with the music, the user will need to adjust the duration of the photo.

Choose the clip where the photo is and the “edit” tab will open automatically.

A blank bar will appear next to the clip, move this bar right to the desired duration.

It is important to remember that in WhatsApp status the duration allowed is only 30 seconds.

In the seventh step, to finish the video, the CapCut logo will appear, as the default of the apps.

To remove it, choose the clip where the app logo is, click that “Edit” icon and click “Delete”.

In the eighth step, the user must save his edited video on the cell phone, for that, tap the arrow in the upper right corner and wait for the export.

The user will be able to share the video on WhatsApp directly from the application.

To create other projects click on “Done”.

How to put music on WhatsApp Status in 3 different ways

Many people love to play with the new tools that some social networks offer.

Currently it is possible to put photos with music in the status of Facebook, Instagram.

On WhatsApp, to put music in the status, it is necessary to resort to some tricks since the tool does not provide this feature. 

How to put music in WhatsApp Status

To post music on WhatsApp status it is necessary to create a way, since the feature is not native.

But rest assured that the trick is quite simple and requires that the user just subscribe to one of the music streaming services.

First, the interested party must open the application of Spotify, Apple Music, or any other music streaming service.

Play the song you want to share in the status;

Then open your whatsapp and click on the Status tab;

Go to the + icon next to My Status to create a new post;

Note that the music continues to play, even with WhatsApp open.

The music will play in the video you capture.

To do this, you have to wait a while for the song you want to share and hold the central red button to record the video.

When the recording is over, the user can enter emojis and texts as they wish. This feature is an excellent option to make your status more attractive if you have chosen to make your screen dark.

To complete the caption, click on the green arrow in the lower right corner.

Ready your status is with the music of your choice.


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