How to consult Renavan using your car's license plate


Consult a vehicle is a good way to get the anticipation and solve the possible pending issues that are related to the car.

However, not all drivers understand how this procedure is done.

Do you know what the role of the vehicle license plate is? Or, what information can you acquire through the vehicle's license plate?


For many people who are looking to purchase a vehicle, consulting Renavam by the license plate can help you avoid a series of problems, such as debts and fines.

If you want to know how to do this check, keep reading this article and you can also consult your car's Renavam using only the license plate number.

What is the license plate for?

In our country, there is a determination for all motor vehicles, whether cars, trucks, motorcycles, buses, among others, all of them must be licensed.

The license plate of a vehicle is a method for identifying the vehicle and being registered with Renvam (National Registry of Automobile Vehicles).


The agency responsible for registering and distributing the sequences to be shown on vehicle license plates is Denatran (National Traffic Department).

Every vehicle has a different numbering sequence in every country and the numbering cannot be distributed to another car even after the vehicle is written off.

In a way, this plate works in the same way as your CPF, RG, but for the vehicle: personal, unique, non-transferable and recognized throughout the country.

Currently, the type of license plate used shows various information about the vehicle and allows the agencies to recognize it if it is necessary to fine it for some reason, for example.

What is Renavan and what is it for?

Renavam is one of the registrations that your automobile, the name Renavam means National Registry of Motor Vehicles. It shows all the registrations of cars carried out in the Detran.

It is very useful so that people who are thinking about purchasing a used or new car can check if there is any pending on that vehicle. 

Researching the origin of the vehicle you are interested in is very important so as not to have any headaches or unpleasant surprises after making the purchase.

How to make a Renvam consultation?

To consult Renavam, it is necessary to access the website of the Detran of your region and answer the form with the data that was lost.

It is worth mentioning that only the vehicle owner can gain access and answer the requested questions.

Not to mention that it is necessary to access the website, inform the data related to the vehicle and then click on the “Consult” option to be able to access all Renavan information. 

This feature is widely used by vehicle owners to check if there are fines and pending payments to be paid.

Those people who live in Rio de Janeiro, for example, can access the DETRAN-RJ website, make a quick square and consult Renvam for information related to their vehicle.

When consulting Renavan through the license plate, you can also issue IPVA payment fees and DPVAT licensing.

After registering on the site, all you need to do is enter your vehicle's license plate data to consult Renvam and check each information related to your motorcycle or car.

If you are looking for more information related to Renavan consultation through the plate number, look for the Detran website in your region or contact the department by telephone.

It is also possible to contact the Detran in your region to check Renavam using only your car's license plate. 

See below the step by step of how you can do this procedure through the internet:

  • Access the official website of the DETRAN of your state;
  • Look for the option “Consulta RENAVAM” on the website;
  • Click on the option of consultation by plate;
  • Enter the plate number;
  • Then click on “Consult”.

How to make a Renvam consultation by Chassis?

The way to consult Renavan by Chassis may vary according to the state the vehicle is in, not so much this verification is usually done in the following way: you must access the Detran website in your state and click on “vehicles”.

After that, click on the option “Consultation was Renavam by Chassis”, after doing this you must enter the car's Chassis number and click on “Consult”, and that's it, you can check Renavam.


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