Check out how to turn a photo into a drawing with these apps

turn the photo into a drawing

It's very easy to turn a photo into a drawing and you can do that with just a cell phone. There are a huge number of applications available that provide this option for its users, both for the play store and for the app store, these applications provide different effects to use in transforming your photo into a beautiful drawing… Read more

Discover the best apps to change hair color

apps to change hair color

If you want to change your hair color just for fun, or even try out a color before you buy dye, there are several apps for making this change that can help. They are available on the play store and iOS. In addition to hair montages, they also allow you to add effects to photos, change the light, … Read more

See how apps that simulate beards work

See how apps that simulate beards work

However, it is not surprising that the beard is the current male beauty trend. Full or thin "to do", no matter the style, this characteristic attracts many women, while conveying a confident and strong image. However, beards have become so famous that it is not difficult to find personal profiles, groups, blogs and websites… Read more

Apps to make pictures bald and have fun with friends!

Apps to make photos bald

There are several applications with several different functions, among these some with the possibility of modifying the appearance through the cell phone. In this article we separate some applications to make bald photos, if you are interested in knowing more keep reading and check it out! Baldify Baldify is an app is an app whose functionality is to help … Read more

AMPA app to monitor blood pressure: Here's how it works

Ampa app

A blood pressure application was developed by cardiologists from different places in Brazil, it is the AMPA application (Automeasurement of Arterial Pressure). It was made so that those who have hypertension can perform a daily monitoring of their blood pressure. AMPA was created as a direct and efficient way to help doctors control the … Read more

Discover apps to identify plants

apps to identify plants

Technological advances have allowed us to prove a series of interesting facilities and resources, especially with regard to science and its discoveries. A very interesting feature is the applications to identify plants. These apps help users to recognize which species it is simply by means of a photo, so that … Read more

Online Pregnancy Test: Learn how to do it

online pregnancy test

Some women have this question in their heads every month, but to find out if they are pregnant or not, it is practical to find out through online tests. However, nothing rules out the importance of going to the doctor, but what are the first symptoms that indicate pregnancy. With that in mind, we’ve separated some of the apps that… Read more

Application to learn to dance

Application to learn to dance

Want to learn to dance and become a real waltz dancer? Technology and smartphones together can be a good choice. The app store for iOS and Android operating systems offers a variety of options from hip-hop to salsa for those who want to become a true dancer. Just Dance Now Just Dance Now … Read more

Check out how to turn into a drawing in the videos

turn into a drawing in the videos

Diversos apps  conquistaram diversas pessoas para vários usos, mas quando você transforma isso em um desenho, tudo se torna mais interessante. A seguir você vera  se transformar em desenho nos vídeos. Ha muito tempo,  fazer desenhos animados era preciso uma grande grade de diversos profissionais com experiências e estudos sobre este assunto, mas agora neste … Read more

Discover Karaoke apps for music lovers

karaoke apps

Pois, bem! Em meados de 2021, todo mundo esta a procura de apps com diversas funções, principalmente os estilos playback. Na verdade, o karaokê móvel se tornou muito popular para todas as pessoas que amam música e canto. É por isso que mostraremos uma lista de aplicativos de Karaokê atualizados em 2021,tanto de graça como … Read more

Application to build wedding list

Application to build wedding list

O casamento é uma das celebrações mais importantes na vida de um casal. No entanto, antes que chegue o dia importante, é necessário passar por várias etapas da organização: lista de presentes, site, lista de convidados, orçamento e outras opções que podem causar dores de cabeça para o pessoal relacionado. Porém, existem vários aplicativos que … Read more