See how apps that simulate beards work

See how apps that simulate beards work

However, it is not surprising that the beard is the current trend in male beauty. Full or sparse “do-it-yourself”, no matter the style, this feature attracts many women, while conveying a confident and strong image. However, the beards…

Apps to make photos bald and have fun with friends!

Apps to make photos bald

There are several applications with several different functions, among which some with the possibility of modifying the appearance through the cell phone. In this article we separate some applications to leave photos bald, if you are interested in knowing more, keep reading and…

AMPA app to monitor blood pressure: See how it works

ampa app

A blood pressure application was developed by cardiologists from different parts of Brazil, it is the AMPA (Automeasurement of Blood Pressure) application. It was made so that those who have hypertension can perform a daily monitoring of their blood pressure. AMPA,…

Get to know the apps to identify plants

apps to identify plants

Technological advances have allowed us to prove a series of facilities and interesting resources, mainly with regard to science and its discoveries. A very interesting resource is the applications to identify plants. These apps help users to…

How to put photo with music on WhatsApp status?

music in whatsapp status

The form of communication is changing every day, we know that through WhatsApp it is possible to have a very fun communication with the use of personalized stickers, in the same way it happens with Facebook and Instagram. But unfortunately, unlike…