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Technology has advanced a lot and this is nothing new for anyone. With this, many things have emerged to make our lives easier, such as, for example, apps with a filter to stay young.

Today, it is possible with just a few clicks, using your photo, to see how you would look younger, without the need to believe that one day you will find a “fountain of youth” for it.

In this post, we will show you how to use the apps that can make you younger, and if you want you can also do the reverse effect, that is, make you older.


See everything below.

Discover the apps with a filter to make you look younger


FaceApp is an image editing application created for users of Android and iOS (iPhone) systems.

The application works using artificial intelligence to apply its effects to the face of the selected image.

Among the filters that the app provides, you can include smiles on people's faces, gender change, aging, filter to stay young and so on.


When celebrities and anonymous people started sharing photos, the app became a fad on social media.

The first common influence was the option to make people look older.

However, the tool also offers the opposite option.

In other words, users can use filter to look younger to simulate their youthful appearance.

In addition, the app also allows you to save the created images to your mobile device's gallery.

So, if you want, you can share it on social media.

FaceApp has 21 different effects in its free plan. Among them, users found aging and rejuvenation options.

However, the app still has many additional features.

However, only premium account users of this app can access these features.

But if you're not a premium member, don't worry. Using the basic version of the app, you can still create many different and interesting photos.

How to use the filter to look young on FaceApp?

Follow the steps below to learn how to look younger using FaceApp:

  1. If you don't have the app yet, download FaceApp from Google Play or the App Store;
  2. Open the FaceApp app and continue your explanation to the end. click in "Start";
  3. On the home screen, under “Allow access to photos”, click in "To allow" and grant the requested permissions;
  4. Now click on the icon "camera" and allow him to take pictures;
  5. Put your face in the indicated position and take a selfie, or import a photo already taken on your cell phone;
  6. After taking the photo, click on the filter "Age" and select the option “Yung 2” or "Young". After obtaining the desired result, click on "To apply".


After FaceApp went viral and took the world by storm with its age-related filters, Snapchat released its most complex version of the AI model, the Time Machine lens.

The new tool is available to users around the world, and the feature will be available in the first filter screen of the social network.

The Time Machine lens allows the user to track different stages of their life, from the red rattle near the nursery to old age, gray hair and (lots of) wrinkles, just like in a real time machine.

Through the control bar, you can use your entire life as a timeline, including middle age, being a feature that apps that change the real age of the person don't always remember.

With the new Snapchat lens, the face in childhood starts to get smaller and rounder, and it is possible to notice a slight increase in the size of the eyes.

Over time in the time machine, the user's face will grow longer, and the beard (if any) and hair will grow thicker.

From adulthood, the face becomes round again, increasing the cut and decreasing the thickness of the beard.

During this period, the hairline began to rise, making the forehead wider.

In fact, this process continues until old age, everything turns white and dark circles deepen.

In tests performed, the filter failed to remove the beard during use, making it look like platinum in childhood.

It then becomes full-bodied, natural in color and becomes white with age as it grows.

But in the situation where the wearer doesn't have a beard, he won't have a beard anywhere in his life, at least under the Time Machine lens.

During the tests, the hair was only aged and lightened, but from all angles, the expected results were not achieved.

It is worth mentioning that if your device is not compatible with the Time Machine lens stay young filter, the lens can also work, but in a simpler way.

There is no sliding of a bar, accompanied by the entire aging process, and there are only five age options, which the user must choose in advance.

With new perspectives, Snapchat continues to try to attract young people and its users on social networks, but social networks are suffering from competition.

These efforts amount to the introduction of a tool for creating 2D and 3D lenses (called Lens Studio 2.1), which aims to promote the development and expression of user creativity.


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