See how apps that simulate beards work


However, it is not surprising that the beard is the current male beauty trend. Full or thin "to do", no matter the style, this characteristic attracts many women, while conveying a confident and strong image.

However, beards have become so famous that it is not difficult to find personal profiles, groups, blogs and websites that are meant to love this beauty classic on social media, as well as barbershops that function as true men's beard clubs.

However, growing a beard is no secret for anyone, so the length and style of the hair should always match each person's personality. In addition, keeping your beard healthy also requires daily care.


However, how does a man know if he looks good with a beard? In addition to seeking help from the professional, you can also be using technology.

So, there is a Beard App that allows you to “put your beard” on your face and test your new look. This has great realism and, why not say, interesting. Below we will show you some beard apps.

Beard Booth Studio App – Bard App (iOS)

The app has a simple interface where you can naturally change your beard or mustache style. In addition, in it, you will be able to use resources through photos taken from the gallery, or take photos through the application itself.

Beard Photo Editor App – Beard Cam Live

This is another app that lets you grow a beard on anyone, but it's different. This is all because this app for devices that use the Android system offers several commendable beard styles. It's also easy to adjust the beard's saturation, size, and brightness to make it look as realistic as possible.


Men's Beard – Beard app for Android

The Android app will help you to add:

  • Hat and Beard for your photo;
  • Whiskers;
  • Glasses.

So, in addition to the beard, you have several other resources and tools to change your appearance and have a lot of fun with family and friends on social media.

So this is all because there are dozens of beard styles to try out in the app. However, you can resize and rotate the face down to adjust it and further improve the result.

Once completed, users can still save their beard photos and share them on their social media profiles, and have fun with their followers and get lots of comments and likes.

Make me Bearded app

Just take a photo or select an old photo to use this app, which is available on Google Play. Allows you to add different styles of mustaches and beards.

Beardify app

The app is available for Windows Phone, Android and iOS users, allowing you to shave your face clean in many ways. In addition, the process is easy and the results are satisfactory. Therefore, the app also allows sharing images on social media.


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