Online Pregnancy Test: Learn how to do it


Some women have this question in their heads every month, but to find out if they are pregnant or not, it is practical to find out through online tests.

However, nothing rules out the importance of going to the doctor, but what are the first symptoms that indicate pregnancy.

With that in mind, we have separated some of the apps that can help you with this, so keep reading and check out everything about the online pregnancy test. 

Why is it important to take an online pregnancy test?


All it takes is a few traditional symptoms such as nausea and missed periods that a woman will automatically suspect she is pregnant.

However, not everyone goes to a doctor or even quick tests, hoping these discomforts will go away, and it really can be a false alarm.

It is at times like these that the online pregnancy test emerges as a tool to answer some doubts and questions that arise in a woman's mind at the time of uncertainty.

Therefore, the online pregnancy test is basically used for the woman to relieve the anxiety of the uncertainty of being pregnant or not.


It is worth mentioning that it does not offer an official result, so it is necessary to seek medical advice, in addition to doing specific tests to be sure.

How to take a pregnancy test online 

You can use different resources to find out if you are pregnant or not, here's how to alleviate this doubt:

Pregnancy Test Application

The Pregnancy Test app is an app that is available for both Android and iOS.

With this application, you answer a short questionnaire to check when was the last time you had your period and what are the main symptoms that may indicate a possible pregnancy.

As much as this is a widely used and effective app, we cannot rule out going to the doctor or confirming tests.

Even because, as much as the questions are very assertive, it is necessary to seek a professional.

Application How to Know if I'm Pregnant

How to Know if I'm Pregnant is an app that is available for Android and has a Portuguese version, through this app you can also find a small questionnaire to check whether or not there is a baby on the way.

In addition, the app provides instructions for identifying a pregnancy and gives tips on how to alleviate pregnancy symptoms until you find out how many weeks you are pregnant.

This application also has exclusive content for those women who want to get pregnant more easily and have a peaceful pregnancy.

Pregnancy Test Pro app

Pregnancy Test Pro is an app available for Android. With this app you can take a quick test to find out if you are pregnant or not.

Not to mention that, through it you can even find out the sex of the baby, in addition to informing the weight during the stages of pregnancy.

This application also has some tips for those women who want to get pregnant and also tips for those who do not intend to have children.

To access this application, you need to download it from your cell phone's app store and then create a paid account to have access to all the content available on the platform.

 Clearblue website

In addition to all these applications that we have seen before, it is also possible for me to know if you are pregnant through a questionnaire on a website of the clearblue company, which is responsible for the pharmacy tests.

To be taking an online test is very simple, you will only need to answer a questionnaire that contains approximately 8 questions about contraceptive methods, such as, if you use any method to avoid getting pregnant, such as IUD, pills, etc.

Why do women seek to take tests online?

Currently, the online pregnancy test has been increasingly sought after, as women who are still not sure if they are pregnant or not prefer to avoid clinics and hospitals.

The reason for this is that these places are full of external agents, which can lead to the emergence of diseases that are harmful to the health of pregnancy.

And this has been one of the reasons for telemedicine to gain more and more space in Brazil. Many patients are looking more to acquire diagnoses in a virtual way, trying to avoid being exposed to places that can worsen their clinical condition.

How to know if I'm pregnant?

As much as there are cases of women who do not feel any symptoms during pregnancy, there are main symptoms that are still criteria that raise distrust and deserve attention.

Also because the body is in an important phase of transformation, especially in terms of hormones, so it is common for some signs to appear during pregnancy.

So, if you experience any of these symptoms below, try to take an online pregnancy test and also seek the follow-up of a specialist:

  • Increased sleep;
  • Menstrual delay;
  • Aversion to strong smells;
  • Intestinal constipation;
  • abdominal colic;
  • Frequent tiredness;
  • Sensitive and enlarged breasts;
  • seasickness;
  • Swollen abdomen;
  • Mood changes;
  • Frequent urge to urinate;
  • Increased libido;
  • Change in vaginal discharge;
  • Nausea, nausea and vomiting;
  • Pain and heaviness in the pelvic region.

The symptom considered most significant of all is the delay in menstruation, linked to a sexually active life, without using any contraceptive method.


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