Discover the best apps to change hair color


If you want to change your hair color just for fun, or even try out a color before buying dye, there are several apps to do this change that can help. They are available on the play store and iOS.

In addition to hair montages, they also allow you to add effects to photos, change light, contrast, add stickers and much more.

It has an app that lets you change the color of the wires in the images. They are perfect for those who have doubts about the color they should apply to their hair and want to see the effect.


They will be able to render images with different appearances for posting to all media. See the types of apps you have for phones, of all types of taste and function.

When it comes to apps, there are usually too many for a specific role, so it's best to know the best apps with that role because some apps rank higher in users.

A novelty in the market is the change in the color of the wires through a software.

In this sense, there are several mobile applications that apply this feature. So whether you want to know what it would be like to change your hair color, or just want to prank your friends.


No matter what your goal is, these hair color changing apps are very useful because they allow you to try out a new look before actually going to the salon, and you can usually see a very realistic makeover.

hair color

This hairdressing app allows you to use images from other examples of people who have already painted, images from the internet, photos taken with your camera and selected photos from your smartphone gallery.

Hair color has several colors, divided into traditional tones (such as gold, red, brown and black) and more colorful and differentiated tones, such as pink, red, green, blue, orange, etc.

In addition to the hair montage, it also allows you to use additional features such as accessories and adjust the brightness of the photo.

It is suitable for iPhone (iOS) and Android, and the work is very simple. You can use model photos, Facebook images, take pictures from camera or choose from smartphone gallery.

The app has traditional colors such as gold and red, as well as more flashy colors such as green and blue. When choosing a color, you can even adjust its intensity and brightness.

For those who want, the application has additional features, such as the possibility of adding sunglasses or photography accessories. Provides different color variations and styles.

When downloading, installing and opening the application, the user will find the image from the camera, but they will also be able to use the photos saved in the cell's memory, just select the color at the bottom of the application.

There are many options such as green, red, blue and pink. But it also has the most common colors, such as gold, brown and red.

The app allows the option to split the screen for real-time visual comparison. Its coloring of its threads allows, it is very intuitive, you must touch the screen of the application and take the photograph, you can even save and record the video.

Hair Color Booth

The Hair Color Booth allows you to assemble your hair in a very simple way. Just select the photo you want to change the color of your strands and you don't know a better place or if it will look good or not, apply the color.

To do this, you can use the zoom function or pass a brush that allows the user to erase the color.

Whether choosing to use the images in the phone's own gallery or taking pictures on the spot, the Hair Color Change.r app lets users draw stripes with a brush, so their entire strands or specific areas can be colored and compared.

The result of the photo can be shared in all media through your app, it can only be downloaded from the app store.

Hair Color Changer

It will work in the intuitive formation and carry out its processing manually, just select the photo where the person wants to make the change in color, but are not sure how or if it will be cool, so you can enlarge and use an eraser, because it is a manual drawing, where it could possibly be difficult, on small screen phones.

However, the application presents satisfactory results in terms of reproduction and publication of results in the applications.

Through this app, you can change your look almost instantly, with fantastic hairstyles and hairstyles designed for both men and women so that you can “make a makeover” completely, that is, completely change.

In addition to choosing your new look, this app is fun because you can play with your kids, your wife and finally with your friends and family, most likely you will laugh and see the results that can be produced by that app.

For creative people, this app is full of fun, not only can you take pictures of yourself, but also close friends and even family members to create hilarious and funny results, so that everyone can be in an amazing way.

The great advantage of this application is that all these changes can be made quickly and easily, and 100% is free, as such applications are usually paid and few users have access to these tools. Check your app store.

Finally, this was one of the best apps found in both the app store and the play store.


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