How to learn to play guitar with mobile apps


If you want to learn to play the guitar, but you don't want to attend a music school or even pay for a course, know that there is an application to play the guitar that can assist in this learning in a practical and easy way.

In addition, you will be able to learn to play the guitar in the comfort of your home and in a simple way, as the applications have very explanatory content.

In addition, apps to learn to play the guitar are intended for people who haven't played for a long time or for those who intend to learn to play this instrument.


The applications have interesting features such as videos that explain how to play, easy and difficult music scores and scores, where the user himself chooses the classification, among others.

Coach Guitar

Coach Guitar is an Application to play the guitar that has an interactive interface, and when entering the application, the user will see 5 colors that correspond to the fingers of the hands, soon after, it is possible to access the activities available in the application.

In coach guitar the user finds more than 500 songs, and weekly finds new titles and musical genres.

In this sense, the user does not learn to play the guitar in a traditional way, but in a visual way, watching videos that demonstrate how the instrument is being played at the top, and how the fingers should be positioned at the bottom.


In addition, the app's music library features hits such as Led Zeppelin's Stairway to Heaven, Michael Jackson's Beat It and Daft Punk's Get Lucky.


Chromatik is an Application to play the guitar for people who know how to play, but at the same time don't practice and for those who want to learn.

The present application has figures and scores, lyrics of the song that the user can already play and with it it is possible to learn to play guitar, clarinet, violin, saxophone and others.

In addition, the application has a catalog of tabs, figures and scores for different instruments, and each song shows the lyrics, videos and a reference track that automatically synchronizes so that the user can start learning the melody.

The present application is available for android.


GuitarTuna is a very interesting application to play the guitar, since through minigames the user can learn chords, different chord diagrams, how to detect the chords being played, and how to play chords on your instrument.

To learn chords by ear, you won't need your guitar, however, to play some of the app's minigames, you'll need your instrument.

In addition, GuitarTuna allows the user to tune his guitar, and will suit everything from acoustic and electric guitars to ukuleles.


Yousician is an Application to play the guitar with an interesting feature, where the user uses the microphone of his cell phone to demonstrate if he has played correctly and the app gives an answer, in this sense, it is possible to go through the levels of knowledge.

Furthermore, the application tells the user to start with the easiest songs and move on to the more difficult ones, but the user can modify this.

real guitar

Real Guitar is a complete guitar application, where the user can turn to if they want to learn to play the guitar.

This application has notable resources such as a library with different chords, in different scales and notes, in all variants.

In addition, when choosing one of these chords, the user discovers how they are played on the guitar, but also, the user can play the chords to hear how they sound, and to know if they are playing the instrument well.

how to play guitar 

The application how to play the guitar was designed for children, so the app has techniques to learn to play the guitar and chords of simple songs, to assist in learning since childhood.

Club cipher

The Cifra Club app is a tuner that adapts to all users, from beginner to advanced.

Through it, it is possible to perform chromatic tuning, and a more guided tuning that helps beginners, and prevents them from breaking the strings.

Furthermore, users can customize it with themes, and it is available for smartwatch.


EarWizard is an interesting application that is not intended to teach the user to play any specific instrument, but it can be very useful for those who want to start in the world of music, because it trains hearing and enhances skills such as memory and concentration. 

In this sense, the application works as follows, the application offers chord sequences that increase with each round, and the user has to repeat, however, depending only on his hearing.

For those who are already a musician, you know the importance of training memory skills, concentration and especially listening, because over time it will be easier to learn songs and recognize chords just by listening. The app is only available for iPhone phones.


gStrings is an application that allows android users to precisely tune various instruments.

Guitar tuner

Not only is learning to play the guitar important, but also tuning it. In this sense, the Guitar Tuner is an application that has a program so that the guitar emits the best sound, it works through the microphone, in which it recognizes the sound emitted through each string, and detects when to turn each pin. .

Mainly, instruments that are not played at a time must be tuned if the user wants a good sound.


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