Discover Karaoke apps for music lovers


Well, well! In mid-2021, everyone is looking for apps with different functions, especially playback styles. In fact, mobile karaoke has become very popular for all the people who love music and singing.

That's why we're going to show you a list of Karaoke apps updated in 2021, both for free and those that need subscriptions.

Are you passionate about music and don't want to miss the opportunity to enjoy karaoke shows? Do you already have your favorite song and believe that karaoke is more than a hobby? Then these apps are for you!



This app is among the best of all for this function, it is among the first best on the whole list.

It is called smule and its app can be downloaded from both the app store and the play store completely free of charge, it provides people who use it with complete freedom to use the karaoke function.

To sing the song you want at the desired moment, from a huge list with several options to record activities in the form of audio or just audio and video, and also make presentations with other people through online networks, which have the same application.

In other words, you can perform duets with friends and strangers, and you can also implement different options from any social network, such as, for example, you can send your friends via WhatsApp the videos you've made in the application.


There are many different types of sound effects and sound processing that you can set up however you like.

This platform offers a large list of more than eight hundred songs of all styles, another point is also that it is made completely free, but full access to all songs and resources requires a VIP subscription and is expensive, but for those like, that's just a detail.

They charge a fee of 40.00 reais per week, if the user wants to pay per month, he will pay 75.00 reais monthly, and if he prefers to pay at once, it will be at the price of 380.00 per year.

This app gives you around seven days for a free trial, but if you don't cancel, you'll renew your subscription at full price every week.

Despite the high price, Smule is still the most complete karaoke app, very useful and interesting for anyone who likes to sing or even uses it as a profession.


This Karaoke app is advertised from a completely free program, allowing people who are going to use it to sing karaoke through YouTube, make full access to especially unique channels, free of charge in the app.

People who use this application will be able to do various actions with it, such as recording videos of singing, and sharing a lot with their friends.

Another feature is the sound effect that you can put on it, it gives you an option to tune your voice, in cases of wrong notes that you give when you're singing, it corrects your tone, if the music is not being compatible for your tone of voice, and optional harmony those who download can also choose several languages, it doesn't have to be just songs in Portuguese.

Although it's free, you'll need to generate points to use some of the app's functions, such as sharing your own videos and those of others, so that the app understands that you're active on the platform. 

You can earn points by watching advertisements or by purchasing passes and subscriptions. The unlimited Premium subscription costs 25.90 reais per month.


 This app is very similar to the other two apps mentioned above, it gives you the opportunity to make video recordings of yourself singing, both as video and just normal audio. 

You can use filters and special effects to edit movies and at the same time make voice tone corrections.

In the application, the user will be able to do several duets with the numerous famous singers, just choose one and make the video singing, very cool right?!

Or, if you want, you can sing as much as you want on your smartphone with your friends.

The owner of the application informed that they provide more than a million songs where you can choose the one you want, and he also informed that he is constantly making updates to better serve them.

If your dream is to become a professional singer, WeSing could be your channel.

After all, the app has a kind of social network where you can share your recorded performances with other users. WeSing is available for play store and app store.

StarMaker Lite 

Starmaker was formerly known as “The Voice” and the verified platform of broadcaster Globo through TV The Voice. Today it brings some very competitive features.

For example, one mode allows duels with several people and still has the right to rank the best singer.

This one is considered one of the most interesting, but it's not that relaxing and it resembles a playback gamer.

Good performance will earn you in-app rewards and points. Like other apps, you can also record your performance both as picture recordings and without, and send them on social media.

The music catalog is also very extensive and constantly updated, and it's really free. Available for iOS and Android. He also demonstrates with others through an online network with the same application.

That is, you can do a duet with friends and strangers, and you can also implement multiple choices from any social network, for example, you can send the videos you made in the app to your friends via WhatsApp.

There are many different types of sound effects and sound processing, which you can set according to your preferences. This platform offers more than 800 songs of various styles, and one more thing is that it is completely free.

It was created especially for those people who love to sing, and who like a more professional feel, as it makes amazing edits to their voice.


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