Check out how to turn into a drawing in the videos


Different apps have won over different people for various uses, but when you turn it into a drawing, everything becomes more interesting.

Then you'll see it turn into a drawing in the videos.

A long time ago, making cartoons required a large number of professionals with experience and studies on this subject, but now in this time of digitized media, but today the process of converting videos into cartoons is much simpler.


Although it also brings total fun to the users who are creating it, there is also what is most popular, the effects, made by these animation drawings.

Videos can also allow you to create interesting and very interesting presentations that involve people using these filters, to the full services of various institutions.

There are many software products that allow you to edit videos for cell phones, tablets and notebooks.

Therefore, in this article, we will bring you some of the many applications currently available, and how the user will transform a simple video into a drawing full of different animations.



This app is used for professional video editing in this area of cartoons.

It allows users and professionals in this field to easily convert videos to cartoons.

Its cartoon video convention process is very simple, you only need to do a kind of import of the content into the application itself.

Then you just need to make edits and select the effects you want from any style, make adjustments to the app's configuration, then correct everything you need, like color, style, font type, and everything else. 

Now I'll leave the apps complete on how to actually make this edit:


First step is to use a platform called Akvis, which it will serve to edit the effect, putting photoshop on the images, this application is installed outside the part, not this one, included in filmorapro.

Its functionality, in addition to the one mentioned above, is to make applications of various cartoon effects on the photos that will be present in the video.

You will have two conversion options, it can be normal or artistic, the user has to put which one will be better, and this will depend on the style of the drawing.

Then you will insert your effect, in all the stages that the video will have.

After the photos go through the loading process, the user must assemble his video with the images already ready and edited with the effects.

While it is possible to convert videos to cartoons, the process is unnecessarily complicated and requires impressive photo and video editing skills.


The animation effects provided by the Ziggeo program, is basically a type of effect that is placed on the images, in a very simplified way, which will only be placed with an option that will be there.

This program offers many options, which lets you record videos, screenshots of your own cell phone. To add visual filters to videos, that is, this visual part are those effects that will only appear when someone appears on the camera, as with some Instagram filters.

Continuing with the process, the user must register and sign the plans they make available. Of course, there is also a free part of the program, but you will not be able to enjoy the benefits that subscribers have. 

How to transform the video?

Everything will depend on the type of tool you are using, that is, if the user uses a cell phone, he will need to do the step-by-step that fits this method, if he is using a computer.

It's going to be another way, because each device is a different way of doing it, but a council is to do the procedure on the computer, because the video resolution will be much better than on the cell phone, because it will have a conversion limit, and as already was said generally the resolution will not be cool.

This video will be transformed into a drawing through the software with the effect of several videos, one of the best options to carry out this edition is that you convert the video into the animation drawing you want, choose one and make this edit.

This is done by a computer, so that it has high quality we need good devices, otherwise the effect will be terrible, this computer must also have a good camera so that it can record the video and play it later on the editing platform of cartoon, finally its effect will be created.

If the user wants to invest in this field, and do it to earn money like a professional, like any beginning, it will be necessary to invest in programs that are qualified for these editions, one of them is VFX or Filmora that was mentioned above at the beginning. of the article, it offers several options in which you will only need to play on the platform and it will create itself the way you prefer.

Final considerations

Making a simple and boring video really fun and interesting didn't seem so easy at first, but with the help of these programs and editing platforms, the cartoon effects became incredibly cool.

However, most of the animation filters in the form of a drawing brought in this article are not customizable, some programs provide better benefits than others, for example, if you subscribe and pay for a program, your resolution will certainly be better than the free ones. .


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