Check out how to turn a photo into a drawing with these apps


It's very easy to turn a photo into a drawing and you can do that with just a cell phone.

There are a huge number of applications available that provide this option for its users, both for the play store and for the app store, these applications provide different effects to use in transforming your photo into a beautiful artistic drawing, which look like they were painted manually by painters rich and famous around the world.

In this article we will leave a list of some of the applications that provide these functions, we will leave here the applications that are most wanted in the app store or in the play store, and you will be able to learn how to take a photo of yourself or a friend and turn it into a beautiful work of art. 


These applications will give users the opportunity to share the photo, or download and save it directly to their cell phone gallery, these shares can be shared through any social network.

The platform offers several effects for carrying out the conversion, your photos will have manual effects divided into countless small frames, painting with an aspect that was made with any type of pencil you want and prefer, all in a simple, quick and easy way.


This first option is an excellent application, both for converting any photo into artistic works or for using it in photo editing with different types of different filters.

It allows you to lighten your photos, increase or decrease the brightness, change the contrast, add borders to the photos, or blur it too, these are just some of the numerous functions that this application provides.


It is being made available both for the Play Store and for the App Store, you can download it without paying absolutely anything, one of its many functions is to insert whatever you want in your photos, in addition to having the function of automatically posting it in any app , or share with your friends on your networks.

This application can be used by cell phone, but also by a notebook, because many professionals use it to make edits like these, because its effects are very high level, it makes professional level improvements in photos.

Many features are free, but this platform also gives you advanced access rights.

In addition to deleting ads, it also provides various other effects and photo editing tools. After creation, you can download the image and share it on your social network.


This application is available for free, its main objective is to perform image restorations, especially those that were taken many years ago.

Well, it has a program that improves its quality one hundred percent, but it also provides specific functions to carry out the main subject of this article, which is to convert a photo into a drawing, and into perfect works of art.

This restoration and transformation is done very quickly, in less than a minute the application develops an excellent result for its users.

They enhance the colors of the photos, reshape the entire photo, increasing or decreasing the brightness, and remove any blur that is present in the image.

So you can get better sharp images without looking fake.

Remini has lived up to its promise and is very easy to use, but because it is a paid app, the daily limit for free photo editing is 3 points unless you watch some small ads.

cartoon camera

This app is ideal for people who want to install and use a typeface that is easy to handle, and want it to be a unique app for transforming the image into art and drawing.

Without much or complication, then a cartoon camera is the right choice for that, which is exactly this app.

This program transforms the photo as soon as it is placed there, automatically the user will only be able to allow them to start the process to change it.

Which means that you can use it as a camera of your own cell phone and get perfect results, without any effort you will have the best designs through your images.

It is free, but like every free app it also has ads in its free version, if you are a user who prefers to avoid stress in relation to this, then you should subscribe to the paid form, in addition to it also getting rid of ads in the other versions. editing functions.

Photo Lab

Photo Lab is a very complete application that lets you create the most diverse photo montages, even converting them into drawings.

Many different types of designs can be applied, each depending on your taste. Some options are only available in the paid version of the app, but many options are free.

The app can also be used as a social network because it has a feed that can post posts from different users.

This app can be used on mobile phones or laptops as many professionals use it to do this editing as it has very high effect and professional level enhancements on photos.

Many features are free, but the platform also offers advanced access.

In addition to deleting ads, it also offers various other photo editing effects and tools.

After creation, you can download the image and share it on your social network.

Its main objective is to perform image restorations, especially those taken many years ago, as it has a program that can improve its quality in 100%, but also offers specific features.


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