Best apps to watch open TV on Mobile


Not everyone has access to a television all the time: imagine you're in traffic, for example, or in a secluded beach house.

In all cases, nowadays, it is easier to find an internet signal than a television.

In this context, if you don't want to miss your favorite shows when you're not at home, you can use one of the apps to watch TV that are available for download on your cell phone.


Below, we will introduce you to some of them and what are the main functions that it offers, check it out!


Available for Android and iOS mobile users to use, Band TV is an application that allows you to watch live all the programs being broadcast by the station.

In addition, through it, you can check the time each program will air, see episodes already shown of your favorite television shows, save the episodes you like the most, in addition to several other things, all for free.

To download it, just enter the app store on your cell phone and search for it.



Created by Grupo Globo, Globoplay offers its users the possibility to watch live programming from TV Globo and its subsidiaries.

For example, Viva, Now, Multishow, SporTV and others, various exclusive content, such as podcasts, interviews, BBB pay-per-view, documentaries, as well as programs and films that have been recognized by critics, but that are not produced by the broadcaster. .

However, to have access to all these services, the user needs to pay a fee to become premium (the values are from R$ 24.00 reais), considering that only some programs are available for free in the application. .


Created by Rede Record de television, with it, you can watch what is being shown on television by the broadcaster.

Also, you can choose whether you want to watch local TV programming in your state, being able to choose from Rio Grande do Sul, Distrito Federal, Minas Gerais, Bahia, Rio de Janeiro or São Paulo, all for free.

In addition, if you choose to subscribe to the premium version of the application, you can watch programs that have already aired, your favorite Record soap operas and movies, series, programs and games that are shown on FishTV, Jacarelvis, SuperToons, PlayKids, Disney Jr and ESPN.

To have access to all this, just download the PlayPlus app on your mobile, whether Android or iOS.


Created by the SBT group, the application, like the previous ones, allows the user to watch live programming that is being shown on the station.

In addition, it is possible to find some of the programs that have already been shown, watch your favorite soap operas, set reminders to watch something that will air in the future, in addition to many other things.

To have it, just have an Android phone or iPhone (if you prefer, you can watch through the internet too).

SKY Play

If you are a SKY subscriber, pay TV, then you can download the operator's own application to watch all the channels, movies and series included in your plan (in addition to being able to manage what you want to have in your subscription) and the better: all this is already included in what you pay per month.

To do this, you just need to download the SKY Play application on your cell phone, whether it's an iPhone or iOS, and log in.

Globo News Play

If you're one of those who don't like to miss any news and want to always stay informed, then you can download the Globo News Play app, which is available for Android, iOS and Chromecast phones.

With it, you can watch live programming that is being shown on the channel, in addition to being able to search for news, articles and programs that have already been shown on television.

However, this application is not free and is only available to subscribers of the Globo News subscription channel.

IP TV Brazil

With this app, which can be downloaded on mobile phones using Android and iOS operating systems, you can watch any open TV channel on Basil.

For example, you can watch TV Cultura, Futura, TV Brasil, Igreja Cristo Vive, Rede Gospel, TV Aparecida, Rede Vida, Record, Rede TV, SBT, Globo, and many others. To do this, just download it to your cell phone for free and register.

Open TV Lite

As with the aforementioned application, with TV Aberta Lite you can basically watch all the open TV channels that are available in Brazil.

However, its great differential is the fact that, in addition, you can also watch some closed channels, series and successful movies (with the translated option). To have access to all this, just download the app on your mobile phone, be it Android or iOS.

Brazil Live TV

Another application that allows you to watch open TV channels for free and extremely easily is Brasil TV Ao Vivo, developed to make your life easier when you're not at home.

With it, you can watch CNT, RCI, Canção Nova, TV Brasil, TV Cultura, SBT, Record and Globo.

For that, all you have to do is download it on your phone, as long as your phone supports Android or iOS operating systems.


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