Apps to make pictures bald and have fun with friends!


There are several applications with several different functions, among these some with the possibility of modifying the appearance through the cell phone. In this article we separate some applications to make bald photos, if you are interested in knowing more keep reading and check it out!


Baldify is an app is an app that its functionality is to help people use new looks and new styles in their hair in photographs.

With it you can transform your haircut into a very unusual style, such as going bald, in addition to being able to share it on your social networks.


Plus, you're able to make videos with this new look making the most of the effects that are there, so it's a great way to have fun for guys and grunts with your new look right now!

With it you can enjoy very fun moments with your friends and relatives, showing them how funny they are without hair.

In addition, this tool is available for the Android and iOS versions, you can download this application to make the photo bald on your cell phone, which is guaranteed fun


FaceApp is one of the most sought after applications among all people who like photo editing, as it is a complete application where you can modify your photos, especially selfies.


You can modify your face by adding a beard, shaving, changing the look of your hair and changing other parts of your face.

It is an application that offers several tools for you to change your look, with it you can know how you would look with other hair styles, you can also make other edits such as seeing how you would look older, younger, with a female or male face.

Simply put, the FaceApp app is pretty good when it comes to filters, as there are so many! In addition to other functions to improve the quality of your photography.

In addition to so many features that this application offers, it is available in both Android and iOS versions.


Baldbooth is available for Android for free, it was developed by PiVi. 

With bald photo apps, you can find out what it would be like without hair (bald), it is a lot of fun allowing you to edit photos with your friends, to see how each one would look bald.

The app allows you to have fun with your colleagues as a joke, seeing what it would look like if they were bald.

It is not necessary to obtain knowledge about photo manipulation, as the application has a very good tool, “auto-cropping”, which is capable of identifying the faces of individuals in the images.

In addition to automatically finding the hair part so that it can be hidden and put the “bald” edit. 

A point that can be mentioned about this application is that it does not need to be connected to any wi-fi network or mobile internet for this lesson to happen.

And, you can see the before and after through the "shake", this after saving the photo.


Snapchat is a photo posting application, in this app we find several types of edits for selfies, including some very different edits, such as going bald, in which we can also post photos or just save them.

In addition to basic edits such as filters and other effects, it has several more complex edits as well, such as changing the smile, changing the haircut, adding a beard and removing it, among others; It's an excellent application for those looking for an app where you can edit photos easily and quickly.


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