App to track menstrual cycle


During the day to day, we have several obligations and commitments that end up holding all our attention.

Due to this rush, it is common for people to end up forgetting about themselves and failing to observe the very signals that the body gives when something is about to happen.

In women, a classic case is being surprised with menstruation, however, there is an application to control menstrual cycle that can help them avoid surprises, sending notifications about everything that involves their period.


And it was precisely with the idea of downloading an application to control menstrual cycles in mind that our team decided to create this article, in order to talk a little more about these tools, as well as separate a list of the best options available on the market.

Therefore, if you want to get rid of surprises and stay on top of all the information we have separated on the subject, we recommend that you continue reading this article with us and clear all your doubts. 


Now there are no more excuses for these little surprises to happen, and what's more: through this app, people no longer have excuses to say they didn't have time to track their menstrual cycle.

Due to the technologies that these applications have, we can necessarily understand how our body works, making this task much simpler, since it can be done through the palm of our hands, with cell phones.


Through this application, you can perform different types of configurations and customizations, according to your objective, such as, for example, getting pregnant or preventing this from happening.

It has a calendar that shows the date of menstruation, fertility period, ovulation period and pregnancy risk.

The app has custom colors, moods, symptoms, pills, and self-check reminders.

Ovuview has done very well with a simple menstrual calendar function, as well as providing some health and health tips, but if you want to use it in “pregnancy” or “pregnancy prevention” mode, you need to pay to release all functions.

This app is only available for Android smartphones.


This app has a super cute and exquisite look and is one of the most complete apps on our list.

In addition to a detailed calendar, you can also record your symptoms, feelings, weight, body temperature and sexual intercourse.

The app also provides reminders about your cycle, birth control methods, and predicts your mood and possible symptoms based on your medical history.

It might take a while for you to discover all its features, but that won't be a problem because the app provides very good usage instructions and there is also a FAQ to help you. Humanization, personalization and integrality.

It's worth the download! This application is available for mobile phones that use the Android system as well as those that use the iOS system.


It has all the functions of this type of application, such as ovulation and menstruation reminders, possible pregnancy symptoms, the mood of the day, unprepared sex and several other types of relevant information that may indicate some change in the woman's cycle.

Glow has several differences, one of which is the genie function, which provides personalized health and nutrition tips based on your history.

The app also has a “community” section where you can chat with other Glow users in forums organized by topic.

But without a doubt, the most innovative feature of Glow is the ability to invite your partners to join the app and help them understand your cycle.

cool right? This application is available for mobile phones that use the Android system as well as those that use the iOS system.


Among the apps evaluated, Clue is the easiest to use. The aim of the app is simplicity, discreet appearance and no pink embellishments.

For everyday use, it's perfect because you can enter basic information in a few seconds, such as: possible pregnancy symptoms, intercourse without a condom, birth control pills, etc.

If you are looking for an app that provides information that goes far beyond cycle mapping, such as a full fertility report, Clue may not be the best choice.

This application is available for mobile phones that use the Android system as well as those that use the iOS system.

Menstrual Calendar

For those looking for a cute and very useful app, know that this app is an excellent option.

In it, it is possible to record sexual intercourse, female orgasm, mood, and anything related to this that you may be feeling.

You can even customize the app's alerts and configure how many days before your period you want to be notified.

The information is very simple and uncomplicated, with a forum for users to share information.

The forums are separated by topics such as women's health, beauty, fashion and menstruation.

This application is available for mobile phones that use the Android system as well as those that use the iOS system.

How to download apps?

First, you must download the apps available from your phone's app store.

Remember, if your phone is an Android phone, your store is the Play Store, and if your phone is an iPhone (IOS), your store is the Apple Store.

Search for the application name and when it appears on the screen, click Download and wait for the download to complete. Once the download is finished, you will be able to open the app and use it.

It should be noted that, as we mentioned earlier, some of these apps allow for various customizations.


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