Application to build wedding list


Wedding is one of the most important celebrations in a couple's life.

However, before the important day arrives, it is necessary to go through several stages of organization: gift list, website, guest list, budget and other options that can cause headaches for related personnel.

However, there are several apps that can concentrate all these tasks in one place, making the whole process easier.


The Google Play Store and App Store provide various apps designed for organizing weddings.

You can find tools to manage gift lists, organize guests, control budgets, to-do lists and even create websites.

 In addition, some functions function as social networks, allowing users to find inspiration among other community participants.

Wedding is one of the most amazing choices in a couple's life, so you need an app to build a wedding list, so with that choice, you'll manage a lot of tasks.


These apps are very convenient, firstly, they guide you, where to start, and secondly, they provide you with very useful tools.

I want marriage

Quero de Casamento is an application developed by Magazine Luiza to organize detailed information such as gift lists and invitations, as well as a website that groups all the information.

The app brings suggestions based on couples, and gifts purchased become wedding points, which can be used for a variety of functions.

i married

iCasei is one of the most downloaded wedding checklist apps and it comes with amazing tools.

You can maintain the service 24 hours a day through Zoom, email, phone and even social media.

So you will always feel supported and the app will help you deal with wedding lists and many other features.

As well as confirming its existence, you can share photo albums with your guests and share some of their stories.

In the same way, you can put on the radio the couple's favorite songs, and even print tips and label templates that you can access.

iCasei also offers a variety of tools for organizing the various stages of the wedding, with a focus on customizing the site for the new couple.

The platform provides a schedule for the bride and groom and works as a social media feed, where they can post updates and receive gifts from guests.

The application is one of the most complete applications in the segment. Here, couples can find a list of vendors, organize guest availability, and list the gifts they want.

The main tasks are separated in the interface, to help the organization, everything is divided into lists before, during and after the ceremony.

The platform also provides a space to interact with the community of registered participants and includes a content area that contains ideas and inspiration for future ceremonies.

Also, changes made to the configuration file are synchronized and accessible outside of the application.

You can use 60,000+ vendors, which is also a handy way to compare quotes.

You can join the newlyweds community, sharing your experiences and expectations about important days.

In addition, you will fall in love with the decorations provided by the application used to assemble the wedding list, as well as the comments from the bride and groom.


Wedy is a wedding planner full of customizable options. The couple can receive cash gift list items, create websites, guest lists and other options.

In the app, the focus is on the budget tool, which lists all the values needed to carry out a wedding and promote the financial organization, and select the best wedding month.

wedding app website

Let's go to the wedding app website, the app has a very high rating and is well received by couples with good experiences.

You will acquire skills to create invitations in a completely personalized way and also customize your website with the art used.

Traditional wedding list options, the bride chooses a gift or cash list, and the bride chooses the cost value option.

Also, you can add it to your tea bar or bridal shower list, honeymoon list or even home products list.

Everything you need in a single app. A practical, complete and fun way to keep your wedding organized without headaches.

The Big Day 

The Big Day starts on the wedding day. From the moment you enter the app, the countdown begins, accompanied by all the necessary tasks that make up the important moment.

The app provides checklist and planning tools, but the paid version has limitations.


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