Application to learn to dance


Want to learn to dance and become a real waltz dancer? Technology and smartphones together can be a good choice.

The app store for iOS and Android operating systems offers a variety of options from hip-hop to salsa for those who want to become a true dancer. 

Just Dance Now

Just Dance Now is the version of the dance game that offers more than 500 choreographies of all kinds for users to enjoy. If you like competition here is also a great place, the dance app will rate the dancers who manage to get close to the action.


You can create a room and invite your friends to dance together and have a great party, dance now, accessible on your cell phone, just download and connect to the internet, anywhere can become a dance.

Zumba Dance

Zumba is known to burn a lot of calories while being fun and can also be enjoyed through a mobile app.

The Zumba Dance app is available for iOS and Android platforms, brings several popular songs today for those who want to learn to dance and even provides feedback on the dancer's performance at the end of each song.

STEEZY Studio 

The STEEZY Studio dance app offers over 600 lessons, and the best part is that different choreographies appear every week, so you'll always be consistent with what's happening now.


The teachers are all renowned professionals, they passed the course in an extraordinary way and you will feel like you are in a dance studio.

The app can change the angle on the mobile screen, so users can follow the steps without missing any details of the choreography.

You can change the speed of the video, view loop snippets or even record your dance and then compare it to the teacher's dance steps.

Hip-hop, break dance, stiletto heels, street dance and other courses, the dance app brings many rhythms and moves that make you fall in love.

How to Tap Dance

How to Tap Dance has over 60 tap dance steps, presented by famous tap dancer Tahlia Morgan.

One of its main drawbacks is that everything is in English, but as the video instructions are very clear, this can pay off.

The app promises that by following the instructions correctly you will learn to dance like renowned dancers like Fred Astaire and Ginger Ross.


Yes, today TikTok is also considered an app for learning to dance.

All the dances that took place in the app became feverish and spread across the internet, so if you want to master every dance step, just download tiktok and you can handle all the dance challenges.

Even famous musicians are happy to create various types of musical movements and choreographies.

You can share your video and show your inner dancer, who knows, this world can reproduce your moves and your shoes on social media.

It's very simple, just download the Android app for free | iOS, sign up and start having fun, you can dance alone or gather a crowd to perform.

dance Bboy

Available on the Play Store, Dançar BBoy was developed especially for those who want to learn the steps of breakdance.

The application provides videos with tutorials in video format, and the stages have different levels of difficulty, from classic to the most advanced.

pole motion 

Pole Motion offers tutorial videos for anyone who wants to learn to dance at home.

It is a free option and only available in the Apple Store. Also in English, it offers a series of step-by-step dance steps, from the most basic to advanced.

Note, however, that the app has in-app purchases, so you can unlock all courses for up to R$ 9.99, which is around 13.00 reais.


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