AMPA app to monitor blood pressure: Here's how it works


A blood pressure application was developed by cardiologists from different places in Brazil, it is the AMPA application (Automeasurement of Arterial Pressure).

It was made so that those who have hypertension can perform a daily monitoring of their blood pressure.

AMPA was created as a direct and efficient way to help physicians control high blood pressure remotely, away from their patients.


In this app there is a tool that allows the doctor and the patient to talk virtually. Know that everyone can search, find and download this option.

The application makes it possible for those who use it to put the information on the measurements made by the equipment at home, and can access the report of these measurements.

With this personalized information, you can send it to the doctor you trust to perform the assessment.

This information was provided by one of the app's contributors, Audes Feitosa.


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AMPA app

The app was made by Beliva, in it you can put the data of your measurements inside the app, made by you, so you can get a report on your data.

In this app, you can also get in touch with your doctor, through a chat tool, to talk about your pressure and how you can control your high blood pressure.

This app was made in Brazil, in Recife, in Porto digital, in addition, it owes contributions from a company in Japan, which provides merchandise to help with health Omron Healthcare.

The company is supporting this new tool that is essential for the self-care of patients suffering from blood pressure, helping with its highly innovative products.

This was spoken by Wanderley Cunha, who is the CEO and president of the company Omron Healthcare Brasil.

The app can be downloaded on any operating system.

The AMPA app (self-measurement of blood pressure) should not be used when you experience severe symptoms such as pain, stress, or any other situation that makes you feel nervous.

If this happens, go to the doctor, use the app only to measure your pressure in everyday life.

But you need to evaluate the pressure of your two arms, because the result can be different, evaluate the right in the same way as the left.

If the result is different, you need to take the measurement again, or on the arm that gave the highest result.

If in the app you have to measure the pressure on the wrist, you must check the indications of the manufacturer of the device.

You should measure the pressure as follows:

  • Feels;
  • Support the arm;
  • Relax the arm;
  • Rest for 3 minutes;
  • Take your blood pressure measurement 2 or 3 times, but allow 1 minute between one and the other;
  • Write down all results, they usually change;
  • Do not round the value;
  • Within 16 hours and in three carry out 7 measurements.

Now you must make an average of the total value, for this you will use only 3 values, using only the three highest ones, so the final result of your AMPA will be the average of your total result.

What is blood pressure self-measurement?

Did you know that hypertension along with physical activity helps in the control and monitoring of this disease? In the same way it is of paramount importance to carry out continuous pressure measurements.

This means that it is very important to maintain control at home, even if they do not follow rules for this, it is important that those who suffer from this disease know their pressure while at home.

The latest Brazilian Guideline on Arterial Hypertension (DBHA2020) highlighted the self-measurement of blood pressure (AMPA).

The edition that was published in the year 2020, in the month of November, says that it is very common, practical and essential to use this procedure at home, mainly because of the covid 19.

This way of measuring blood pressure is evolving and growing more and more, among patients who need it, their pressure is always under control.

But do you know why? Well, that way is much easier and more reliable, as it is measured by the patients themselves, through the devices that were created for this.

What are the types of monitoring?

For those who don't know, the monitoring application, the (AMPA), can be used every day or occasionally, according to the way the patient wants to use the app, without having to follow any order.

But who should use AMPA? It is a choice made by the patient or by medical advice.

It works through monitoring done with blood pressure equipment, which works well, and is reliable, so that the results are concrete.

In addition to this method, you can also do an MRPA (residential blood pressure monitoring), for those who don't know this exam is more complete and more efficient for their patients or for those who want to carry out a monitoring.

It is designed to monitor the results at home, without having to go to a medical care center.

But, in order to do this type of monitoring, you need to have equipment that is working properly, within the expiration date and that is calibrated.

It is necessary that they work for a certain time, and it is necessary that it is within the rules of the protocol.


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